The world of money is changing radically, the constantly iterative innovation business model, abundant capital and fierce market competition are reshaping the new global economic structure and increasing the bargaining chip between entrepreneurs and investors. In terms of innovative application technology, there is no doubt that blockchain technology is creating new thinking for fast payment systems and banking services. Thus consumer adoption of various blockchain technologies is rapidly increasing.

China has always been the “leader” of the innovation economy. In recent years, China has further curbed cryptocurrency speculation and strengthened regulatory review, but still supports the development of blockchain. Some mainland media reported that some local governments such as Hangzhou, Shanghai and Nanjing have announced their participation in blockchain investment. In addition, according to the statistics released on the news website SupChina on August 28, the total investment in blockchain of local governments has been about $3.57 billion since 2016 which is a general trend.

The Hong Kong Crypto Exchange Platform believes that the platform should not rely on the listing fee to profit, but should strictly check the project for the user. We refer to the reality of the IPO, establish a complete and strict ICO standard. Reject all Air coins project to protect investors and serve as a model for Hong Kong’s financial markets.

In this way, it is beneficial to the stable development of the crypto currency market, and create a new ecosystem of mutual benefits, openness and fairness through instant value exchange.