Encrypted Digital Currency Wallet

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Due to the emergence of Bitcoin, crypto currency has once again entered the public eye. Many industries have begun to support crypto currency payments such as Bitcoin. The underlying technology of Bitcoin has evolved using blockchain technology.

Its wide application brings many benefits to crypto currency, including: distributed data storage, point-to-point transmission, consensus mechanism without third-party intervention, smart contract, encryption algorithm, etc. Using blockchain technology, the data cannot be tampered with, thus establishing the trust, traceability and transparency of the transaction. The main effect is reducing costs and saving time. Today’s mainstream crypto currencies such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, etc., all utilize blockchain technology. And our platform token GCX is based on the standard of Ethereum erc20, which can achieve substantial asset transfer. The cross-border nature of the point-to-point transmission network, the instantaneous arrival of the transfer, and the low cost of the procedure are all conveniences that the legal currency cannot achieve.

Users who hold GCX also enjoy a variety of benefits, including:

  • Priority subscription rights:
    Holders of GCX tokens can prioritize new listing projects shares by our platform incubation program. The higher the number of GCX held, the higher the priority amount.
  • Transaction fee:
    GCX can be used as a handling fee for various transactions and will be given a discount.
  • Repurchase mechanism:
    Each quarter, we repurchase GCX with 20% of net profit and destroy it directly.
  • Offline consumption:
    GCX can be used directly for all types of consumption, such as travel, dining, and fashion products. Project companies that work with us also offer discounts on a regular basis.

Whether it is material or capital, only in circulation can prove value, then how can we make money flow? It is the market! It is demand!

One of the attributes of GCX is the total amount limit, which is never added. The supply of crypto currency is limited, and the funds involved are infinite, that is, the number of people who buy is always more than the number of people who sell it. This has resulted in a unilaterally rising market chart, which has appreciated and generated wealth. This is also an important reason for investing in virtual currency!

The Hong Kong Crypto Exchange Platform provides a market platform for the circulation of crypto currency capital. One of its attributes is the total amount limit-never added. The supply of virtual currency is limited, and the funds involved are infinite. That is, the number of people who buy is always more than the number of people who sell it. Hence it will result in a unilaterally rising market which appreciated by all investors and can generated wealth. This is also an important reason for investing in crypto currency!

Mr. Ma Yun once admitted that many people will not see, look down, and be too late for new things. He used his actual actions (Alibaba) to prove to the outside world the proper attitude towards new things: accept it, use it, and turn it into the most useful resource. The widespread use of crypto currency and blockchains has changed the world step by step. The wave of global digital assets is rushing to you and me. Can you stop it?