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HKCEXP provides a highly efficient, anonymized and secure trading experience for digital currency investors. Today’s “convenient” is also a market-focused demand. In order to allow users to manage their digital assets more effectively in a one-stop exchange, HKCEXP offers coin to coin tradings, 0TC tradings, leverage contract trading, bitcoin future stock trading and anonymous trading functions— etc. In order to truly achieve a diversified encrypted digital currency exchange, we are constantly optimizing and developing more features in the ever-changing market to give users a better experience.

Exchange Platform Features

  • Asset Type:
    Can support almost all digital assets.
  • Derivative Product Development:
    Develop more different types of digital asset derivative products similar to traditional financial markets, such as options, CBBCs, funds, trusts, etc.
  • Efficient, Stable:
    In this platform, the database technology is directly used as RAM. So no matter ordering or cancel order, the real-time transactions can be completed in 1.2 microseconds.
  • Safe, Reliable:
    Using Kerberos SSO to separate authentication and authorization, passwords cannot be stolen by the network sniffer or allowed to impersonate the user represented token. Customize the Linux kernel to use SYNproxy to identify valid access and reject access to the attack.
  • Diversify:
    Provides cash to coin trading, coin to coin trading, and leverage contract trading, a one-stop quality service experience.


HKCEXP Exchange

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